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Days Of Bending And Stretching To Ineffectively Clean Your Feet Are Over.

No More Foot Odor And Athletes's Foot For You! 

We All Know it. It's either ourselves or someone we know. There are barely things that are more awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable than the odor of sweat stained feet. It's a very common issue for children and adults who wear shoes on a daily basis and chances are high that you also struggle with the smell that your feet spread after a long day with shos on yourself.

Why is it so common?

Feet have more sweat glands per inch of skin than any other part of the body, and these glands product sweat profusely and no jsut when the weather is hot or during exercice as other parts of the body do, but continusously.


Us Wearing shoes almost every day mostly for long time only reinforces the perspiration.

So it is not just a seasonal problem that we only struggle with in summertime, it also appears in winter since we wear shoes that are even thicker. 

Sweat promotes the growth of bacteria, some of which actually eat away the top layer of the skin n producing the foul odor. A common mistake that stimulates the smell is the lack of proper cleaning.

The majority of people may take a shower regularly, but neglect a proper cleaning of the feet, mostly because it is inconvenient to bend and stretch down for a sufficient time to give the feet the extensive cleaning it requires.

Introducing the solution 


The Foot Cleaner enables you to avoid all the issues above and leaves the struggles of having foot odor behind you.

It's build like a big flip flop and includes over 1000 soft cleaning bristles from which some are positioned between your toes to also properly clean this area that is so hard to clean in the conventional way.

Secure the foot cleaner with the suction cups that are placed on the sole to any tub or shower so that it won't slip away.


Now You only need to move your foot back and forth on the bristles to properly clean it. 

Ever had a foot massage while washing your feet?

The Foot Cleaner has a well positioned pumice stone to effectively remove rough skin to soften Cracked Heels. But is it not just the functional aspect that convinces.

Enjoy the feeling of a feet massage that the soft pumice stone adds to your cleaning routine


It is a combination of functionality and wellness that was able to help and satisfy so many people already around the globe.

It is not the type of invention you would expect a foot cleaner to be, but from now on you should expect nothing less! 

Someone purchased a5 ago from Amsterdam, Netherlands

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$39.99 $22.97